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Brush Your Teeth Please (pop-up)

Reviews Rating 4
Brush Your Teeth Please

This pop-up book has movable floss and brushes so that children can learn good dental hygiene by helping their animal friends practice it.
The author is Leslie Mcguire / Jean Pidgeon and it is published by Reader's Digest. It was available on bookshelves sometime in 1993. The child's book is 12 pages long and it offers superbly colored illustrations, visit the link below.

Reader's Digest

Model: 9780895774743
ISBN: 0895774747
Author: Leslie Mcguire / Jean Pidgeon

What child can resist imitating a chimp brushing its teeth back and forth? Youngsters will have lots of fun discovering out about proper dental hygiene in this delightful pop-up book. Or a shark that flosses every single day?


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