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Guess How Much I Love You: Pop-up

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Guess How Much I Love You Popup
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Your child will love Guess How Much I Love You: Pop-up. The author is Sam McBratney and it was published sometime in 2011 by Candlewick. The book has 16 pages. To order a copy at the cheapest price, visit the shopping cart button on this page.


MPN: 9780763653781
ISBN: 0763653780
Author: Sam McBratney

Loving someone towards the moon and back takes on a whole new dimension! The cherished classic is even more enticing in a pop-up edition. When Big and Little Nutbrown Hare show off how much they love each other, don't you wish you could watch them stretch out their arms, hop as high as they can, and tumble upside down with their feet in the air? Featuring a beautiful cover, this treasured tale might be the ideal gift for any individual who loves someone more than they can measure. Well, now you can! Beautifully designed flaps, tabs, and pop-ups respect the integrity in the original story and illustrations while adding a delightfully kinetic 3D element that is truly irresistible.

All children want reassurance that their parents' love runs wide and deep. In a heartwarming twist on the"I-can-do-anything-you-can-do-better"theme, Little Nutbrown Hare goes via a series of declarations with regards to the breadth of his love for Big Nutbrown Hare. But even when his feelings stretch provided that his arms, or as high as his hops, Little Nutbrown Hare is fondly one-upped by the elder rabbit's far more expansive love. In Guess How Much I Adore You, a young rabbit named Little Nutbrown Hare thinks he's identified a way to measure the boundaries of really like.

Anita Jeram's illustrations are bound to elicit an"aw"from even the sternest of readers; these loving rabbits are expressive, endearing, and never cloying. (Click to view a sample spread. Children and parents will love snuggling up for this one--a treat to be read again and again, just ahead of the lights are turned out. Illustrations © 1994 by Anita Jeram. Permission from Candlewick Press. Text © 1994 by Sam Mc Bratney.) (Ages 4 to 8) In turn, Sam Mc Bratney tells a straightforward bedtime story of sweet familial love with humor, insight, plus a delightful surprise in the finish.


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