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The Pop-up Book Of Ships

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Popup Book Of Ships

I will share with you this brilliant book titled Pop-up Book Of Ships. The author is David Hawcock / Eric Kentley and it was published by Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books. This went on sale on the 13th of September, 2011. For additional details on this book, check out our affilate button on this page.

Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books

MPN: 9780789324085
ISBN: 0789324083
Author: David Hawcock / Eric Kentley

Pop-Up Book of Ships is in fact a dramatic pop-up journey into the world's maritime past, presenting various maritime cultural innovations. Readers will learn in regards to the H. M. S. Victory, labeled a"first-rate ship,"a designation that was utilised as early as the eighteenth century by the British Royal Navy for its largest ships mounting 100 guns or more; or that unlike a conventional square-rigged ship, the sails of a Chinese junk might be moved toward the lengthy axis in the ship, allowing a junk to sail into the wind, to name only two. Pop-Up Book of Ships presents a dynamic history of some using the world's greatest maritime adventures. Colorful, informative, and fun, Pop-Up Book of Ships adeptly showcases maritime adventure and lure of the sea, and is truly a fascinating book for sailors and seamen of all ages. From the early explorers like the Santa Maria to the famous Mayflower; from marauding pirate ships to frigates like the Bonhomme Richard and also the U. S. S. Constitution; from a quaint Mississippi riverboat to the luxurious S. S. Normandie ocean liner and a superbly crafted America's Cup yacht; from impressive aircraft carriers like the Intrepid or Enterprise for 1 of the most advanced nuclear submarine.


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