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Robert Crowther's Pop-up House Of Inventions: Hundreds Of Fabulous Facts About Your Home

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Robert Crowthers Popup House Of Inventions

For those who are searching for a children's book I have come up with some information. Robert Crowther's Pop-up House Of Inventions: by Robert Crowther is a nice child's book. The author is Robert Crowther and it was published on the 10th of March, 2009 by Candlewick. The children's book is 12 pages long. The child's book is 9.87"H x 8.8"L x 0.98"W. It weighs approximately 1.14 lbs. For more information about this book, click on the shopping cart button below.


MPN: FBA-|290123
ISBN: 0763642533
Author: Robert Crowther

"Junior trivia masters will pore more than this pop-up book. Did you know that soap was once made from goat fat? Did you know there is polytetrafl uoroethylene somewhere in your kitchen? Just step inside, open the cupboards, peek within the closets and drawers, and learn about hundreds of inventions you can fi nd correct in your personal home — which includes DVDs, MP3s, wireless headsets, and PDAs. It's all true!"— Child Magazine Would you think that a scientist caught a cold and died while conducting experiments in early refrigeration? And it's all in the updated, reissued Robert Crowther's Amazing Pop-up House of Inventions. It's all amazing! Can you guess how pumpernickel bread got its name?

Toilet paper was invented in 1857. Native Americans made popcorn more than 5,000 years ago. Who knew? The 1st e-mail message was sent in 1973. Zippers had been first utilized on clothing in the 1920s--and came with an instruction manual!

In this remarkable, elaborate pop-up book by a master paper engineer, readers learn scads of fun facts about everyday household items, for example CDs, nylon stockings, skateboards, refrigerators, belt buckles, piggy banks, pens, cameras, and sandwiches. Someone's in there! Trivia buffs and regular humans alike will gawk in delighted wonder at this interactive, 3-D paper extravaganza, with oven doors you can open, videos you can insert into a VCR, model train sets you can spin around a track, along with a shower curtain you can pull back--whoops! Discover some incredible, entertaining, and amusing facts about objects you never looked twice at before.

Robert Crowther is no slouch when it comes to amazing pop-up books. Author inside the remarkable Robert Crowther's Deep Down Underground: Pop-Up Book of Amazing Facts and Feats and others, Crowther creates fantastically complex yet reader-friendly paper sculpture in his books. Readers of all ages will enjoy locating more and more details hidden behind the tiny flaps, wheels, and cupboards in this very unusual property tour, which leads from kitchen to living space to bathroom to bedroom to garage. A time-line with nevertheless more inventions is included. (Ages 6 to 11) --Emilie Coulter


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