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Rumble! Roar! Dinosaurs! : A Prehistoric Pop-up

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Rumble Roar Dinosaurs A Prehistoric

The author is Matthew Reinhart and the publisher is Robin Corey Books. It was available on bookshelves sometime in August of 2012. The children's book is all about Dinosaurs and is viewed as smart juvenile fiction. This is the 1st ed. of the child's book has 12 pages and it is stuffed with wonderfully colored illustrations. To find the best bargain on this child's book or other books, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this site.

Robin Corey Books

ISBN: 0307976432
Author: Matthew Reinhart

Following the publication of Rescue: Pop-Up Emergency Vehicles and Puppies, Kittens and Other Pop-Up Pets, Matthew Reinhart turns his pop-up wizardry on two new subjects: dinosaurs and princesses. Rumble! Pop-ups of a Stegosaurus, an Apatosaurus and her baby, a Deinonychus, a Pteranodon, a Triceratops, and the grand finale of a T-Rex and an Ankylosaur in a fight to the finish are brought to life with pop-ups, pull-tabs, lift-the flaps, and a lot more. Dinosaurs! The inside front and back covers will feature a bookplate, a pronunciation guide with art, plus a coloring activity for added value. features vibrant cut-paper collage artwork, just right for the young set. Roar! This young and really affordable pop-up series is perfect for these economic times.


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