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Young Naturalist's Pop-up Handbook: Beetles - Book #1 (young Naturalist's Pop-up Handbooks)

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Young Naturalists Popup Handbook Beetles

The author is Matthew Reinhart / Robert Sabuda and it was published on the 1st of October, 2001 by Hyperion. The hardcover book is all about Beetles and is regarded as smart juvenile literature. This version is the 1st ed. of the book has 14 pages and it offers wonderfully colored illustrations. If you need a copy of this book, check out our affilate button on this page.


ISBN: 0786805579
Author: Matthew Reinhart / Robert Sabuda

You'll never appear at beetles the exact same way again.) and the giant horned Hercules beetle of Central and South America. (The Young Naturalist's Pop-Up Handbook of Butterflies is also quite fetching. About 350,000 kinds of beetles creep across the surface of our world, but don't worry, Sabuda and cocreator Matthew Reinhart only incorporate a handful of here, such as dung scarabs (move the pages to"roll"the dung! The colorful, metallic exoskeletons explode to life with each and every well-designed page, causing even probably the most beetle-phobic to marvel at their intricate anatomy.) A wonderful gift for the young naturalist on your list!) (Ages 6 to 10) --Karin Snelson Funny, accessible sidebars (" Don't talk with your mandibles full ") are sure to engage young naturalists in search of factoids in regards to the eclectic, leggy group Coleoptera. (Beetles were not harmed inside the making of this book. To top it all off, each pop-up book comes with a paper frame making use of a plastic-encased, paper-engineered specimen of Phalacrognathus muelleri, the Australian stag beetle. When masterful paper engineer Robert Sabuda works his pop-up magic, you're sure to locate beauty and wonder in the thorniest of creatures.


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